On this page you will find resources to help you promote the calendar. You will also find church and school resources to adapt for your own purposes. Scroll down to view.  

Note on downloads: You will need Adobe PDF viewer to print many of these resources. If using the Chrome Browser you will need the latest PDF viewer or you may have problems. It is available free of charge here. Please note that you will need Powerpoint 2010 to access the presentations at the bottom of the page. 


Order the Real Advent Calendar

The Real Advent Calendar costs £3.99 each which includes the free Christmas Story-Activity book in the box, a charitable donation and VAT. We sell  our calendars in cases of 18 and we encourage groups to use the sign up form on this page to collect signatures in multiples of 18 before placing an order.

Free delivery is available for orders made by the 1st November. Schools which order at least one case by the 21st October will receieve a 10% education discount. To place a school order email

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To help you promote the calendar we have the following resources:

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Magazine Articles

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Meaningful Chocolate 2016
Education Resources for Advent (KS 1-2, 1-4 & KS 3-4)

School & Church presentations

There are three assembly resources for schools and churches which we hope will help you to explore Advent. You may want to take the resources directly or adapt them to suit your own purposes. Please note that you will need Powerpoint 2010 to access the presentations.

KS 1-2 Christmas Story Memory Test

This is a resource aimed at Key Stage 1 and 2 (ages 5-11).  To tell the Christmas story re-inforcing it through the aid of a memory game that challenges children to use simple lateral thinking. This resource makes use of the beautiful illustrations by Alida Massari which can be found in the Real Advent Calendar storybook.

Presentation  |  Pairs Game



KS 3-4 The Nativity: A Sense of Belonging

This resource is aimed at Key Stage 3 and 4 (above 11). It aims to tell the Christmas story and use it as a springboard to look at the concept of ‘belonging’.




Christmas Promises

This resource is written for those involved with all-age worship and ideas can be adapted for other uses. It comes in four parts. The first part has an optional reflection and a range of questions on the theme of promises. The second part has a range of suggested activities to help explore the theme (you pick which you would like to to do). The third part is an act of worship which includes the Christmas Story. The fourth part is a meal suggestion.

The Christmas Story Presentation
Promise Scroll PDF
Promise On A Star PDF
Emoji Code PDF

Christmas Promises PDF


Adnoddau Cymraeg

CA 1-2 Hanes y Nadolig: Gêm Cofio

Mae’r adnodd hwn wedi'i anelu at Gyfnod Allweddol 1 a 2 (oed 5-11). Y bwriad ydy adrodd hanes y Nadolig ac atgyfnerthu’r hanes drwy chware gêm cofio. Mae'r adnodd hwn yn defnyddio darluniau hardd Alida Massari sydd i'w weld yn y ‘Calendr Adfent go iawn’.

Cyflwyniad  |  Gêm Parau




CA 3-4 Stori'r Geni: Ymdeimlad o berthyn

Mae'r adnodd hwn wedi ei anelu at Gyfnod Allweddol 3 a 4 (oed 11+). Ei nod yw adrodd Hanes y Nadolig a’i ddefnyddio fel man cychwyn i drafod y cysyniad o 'berthyn'




Addewidion Nadolig

Mae'r adnodd hwn wedi ei ysgrifennu ar gyfer y rhai sy'n ymwneud â phob oedran a gellir addasu’r syniadau ar gyfer eich dibenion. Mae 4 rhan i’r adnodd: Mae'r rhan gyntaf yn gyfle i fyfyrio a meddwl mwy am y thema ‘addewidion’ drwy gyfrwng nifer o gwestiynau. Yn yr ail ran mae nifer o weithgareddau/crefft sydd eto’n canolbwyntio ar y thema addewidion. Mae'r 3ydd rhan ar ffurf gwasanaeth sy'n adrodd hanes y Nadolig. Ceir syniad am bryd o fwyd ar y thema Nadolig yn y rhan olaf.

Hanes y Nadolig Cyflwyniad
Sgrôl Addewid PDF
Addewid ar seren PDF
Addewid mewn lluniau PDF
Addewidion Nadolig PDF



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